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Hey everyone! Been a bit since I posted, but I thought I'd give an update! I have been hard at work the past couple of months doing commissions and working on Nocturne 21! I'm happy to report that I finally finished working on the cover illustration for my first volume!

I can't express how unbelievably excited I am to finish this cover. I have been working on this silly comic for almost twenty years now, which started on a whim from a very angsty teenager, lol. It's never been published because the more I work on it, the more my art improves and then I get really unhappy with the previous versions and feel compelled to start over. I'm really excited because I started the pages for the current version over three years ago and I still really like them today. There will always be things I want to improve and tweak, but I'm finally at the point where I feel my comic style is where I want it to be and I can finally produce the final iteration of the first volume! So finishing this cover has been really exciting to me and it feels like after almost two long decades, this comic is finally going to happen.

I hope you guys enjoy the cover! I came up with the idea for this back in 2014 and I started a version of it that never came to fruition. Probably for the best, because it wasn't very good, ha ha. When coming up with ideas for the cover this time around, I tried sketching out new ideas, but ultimately I still loved the concept of the 2014 version. So this is the "do over" finally done! I'm sure within a few weeks I'll have some tweaks I want to make, but on the whole, I'm really happy with it! So I hope you enjoy, and if you haven't read my first chapter yet and would like to, click here! Thanks!

-April out!



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