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Christmas and Edits!

Hey my friends! I hope you are all enjoying the crazy holiday seasons! I myself have been busy with commissions (like this one to the left), shopping, my own projects and trying to enjoy the sites of Japan during Christmas time! If you're ever in Japan during this time, I highly recommend Yomiuri Land for some stunning christmas lights... and roller coasters.

My latest project that has been taking up most of my non-work time is of editing Nocturne 21. It's an editing project that has been LONG overdue. Redoing the Shimizu house. As some of you know, if you read chapter one, or have heard me blab about my story a thousand times, my main characters are from a Japanese family living in America. When I started the story, like almost two decades ago... holy crap that's a long time... the story took place in Japan, so it made sense to have a Japanese style home. I didn't have enough knowledge or cultural experience though so I moved the location to the states... but I never changed the house. I was going to just come up with some zany stupid reason why there was a Japanese style home in the middle of New Hampshire, but ultimately it was too goofy and didn't really match the tone of my comic. So, I finally did the work and recreated the entire exterior of the house. That also meant mapping the inside of the house and having to add windows, doors etc if it didn't match the outside. It's been a lot of work, but I'm finally done and I like how it came out. If you're curious at all, be sure to check out the updated pages in the Nocturne 21 section! If you don't feel like scrolling through that, then you can just check out the images below for the most obvious change. Check it out!



That's it for now folks! Have a wonderful Christmas or whatever you celebrate and a Happy New Year!

-April out


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