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Being an artist is expensive! Here's a tip!

As an artist I have had to buy a lot of supplies. It's expensive. It's really expensive. Whenever I need new supplies, I typically gravitate towards the easiest option instead of the cheapest. For me and for a lot of other people I'm sure, it's your local Michaels or A.C. Moore. Those two stores are everywhere. Problem is that they are actually pretty expensive and their selection is limited. I was using Amazon for a while, but Amazon is expensive too. You wanna save some money on art stuff? Go to blicks. They have a few stores in Massachusetts but if you're not in the area, their website has a MASSIVE selection of art supplies and they ship almost anywhere. An example of the price difference is the drawing pads I buy. I buy the 11x17 comic boards which are $24.99 at Michaels. Blicks is currently selling them for $9.05. While that may be a sale price, I have never bought those boards for more than $13.00. Recently I've needed to replace the nibs on my copic multiliner pens. I was gonna buy them from Amazon since I'm a prime member and would have gotten free shipping. At the last moment I decided to check out blicks and immediately bought from them. The picture below is my purchase. I would have gotten half of this on Amazon for .30 cents more, and that includes shipping on my blicks order. Michaels may be convenient, but even with their coupons they are ripping you off. Save your money!!!! Being an artist is expensive!!! Go to! I know a lot of my artist friends know about this already, but this is for the folks that don't! If I can save even one artist some money, I'll be a happy camper :)

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