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So, not much has changed since my last blog. Inktober is finally over. Inktober was pretty fantastic. It was very stressful, but it got me to draw something everyday. There were a few times I didn't finish on time, but the important thing was that I was making time for art every single day. It's so hard to come home from work everyday and make myself sit at my desk and draw. I'm exhausted and stressed. I don't ever want to do anything. So for me, Inktober was a great way to get my ass in gear. So I'll definitely be doing that again next year!

The great thing now, is that I'm super jazzed about drawing. Problem is that I have several big projects to tackle and I don't know which ones to go after first. I think for the moment, I'm going to work on my comic Nocturne 21. November 22 marks the 12th year since I started that comic. I haven't gotten a single volume done. So... that needs to happen. Occassionally, I'll pump out some pretty artwork, maybe color in some of the inktober pieces I did. I'll definitely keep updating though! So be on the lookout!

April out.

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